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Alfakhama Almalakia property and real estate development is one of the leading real estate companies UAE market. Modern construction and incorporation of performance based on the ancient foundations of a strong and professional team with the work of formation and high academic experience. , It relies on modern marketing mechanisms successful global strategies enabling it to acquire the outstanding expertise in the UAE market. Alfakhama prperty company undertakes to pursue all its customers credibility and confidence in the performance and production, and to follow the most powerful and the latest Professional and professional marketing methods in order to preserve its steps successful with their customers success and excellence partners



To become one of the most trusted and preferred supplier companies spaces for sustainable living in the region and beyond.
Our mission is to seek to achieve the highest that can be achieved from the investment income and residential rates for our customers by providing the best solutions to real estate occasion, a dedicated team of workers with long experience and perception inhabitants and the real estate market.


To innovate and grow full of communities, which provide social, cultural, recreational and economic requirements materialize integrated environments, thus Mazemin long-term financial returns for our investors.

And contribute to the development of the social fabric in the UAE through the design, construction and renovation of sustainable communities


Consolidation long-term relationship with its customers, invested for this purpose all its potential and capabilities and expertise prestigious real estate.
Carry out urban and urban development across the UAE, modern and secure housing opportunities for the largest possible slice of wishing.
Design and launch innovative real estate products in harmony with the growing demand, in line with current and future requirements of our customers.