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Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management

leasing and full follow-up activities rental services
• marketing and advertising services to attract tenants to the right projects submitted
• contract management and legal affairs related
• management of communication with tenants
• collect rents regularly
• Identification of tenants and buyers / investors category properties
• the implementation of the transaction, including the preparation of Offers to Buy
• advising on the strategies and methods of leasing
• Ensure smooth transitions and deliver the leased property
• provide security and safety systems in all residential units and architectural development projects.
• Use the best tools in building maintenance projects.

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              General Maintenance

General Maintenance

  •  Annual maintenance contracts for residential villas.
  •  Annual maintenance contracts to government complexes.
  •  Periodic maintenance contracts for commercial buildings.
  •  Periodic maintenance contracts for factories and laboratories.
  •  Maintenance of old buildings and rehabilitation.
  •  Restoration of ancient monuments.

 It is also within our services: -
• planned maintenance.
• emergency maintenance.
• corrective maintenance.
• preventive maintenance.
• periodic maintenance.
• scheduled maintenance.
• predictive maintenance.

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Decors and Designs

Decors and Designs

  •  Internal and external Islamic decoration work.
  •  Work and natural stone facades and aluminum and industrial.
  •  Work decorated interior gypsum.
  •  GRC works with Andalusian and Islamic character of external interfaces.
  •  Interior design brushes commensurate with different spaces.
  •  Wooden decoration and antique decorations.
  •  3D designs according to the requirements and needs.
  •  Planning status hidden lighting and the best places to their presence.

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Gardens and Swimming Pools

Gardens and Swimming Pools

  •  Private and government coordination of home gardens.
  •  Gardening picturesque plant flowers.
  •  Paving lanes within attractive gardens.
  •  Irrigation networks and home gardens government.
  •  Own lighting systems and home gardens government
  •  Designs for sophisticated forms of swimming pools to suit all ages.
  •  Implementation of modern swimming pools closed and open new technologies.
  •  Remove non-arable soil repositioning and re-calibration according to international and surrounding environment.
  •  Design and implementation of industrial fountains and waterfalls to suit the needs of the parks.

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